Dear person who feels like a mess—

Dear you,

I will never know your pain; will never relate to your struggles. Your story only belongs to you. A unique broken piece that nobody will understand. But, I know one thing—how it feels to live in what seems to be a bleak, unending maze.

You messed up. Again. And, it hurts to realize that you failed to straighten things out for the nth time. It hurts, a lot, to feel as if you will never be as good as you thought you could be. It hurts, a lot, because it seems like you’re walking in circles—circles of mistakes. And, the worst thing about it is that the more you wish it would end, the more the path gets long and rugged. You’re tired and not okay. But you will be.

Quit pushing too much. Maybe, you’re having it rough because you treat yourself so roughly. You feel messed over because you fought and tried hard enough, cried and failed enough. But trust me, there is no quick cleanup. Take it slow and easy, bud. Life doesn’t get better in a snap. It takes patience to grow the nicest flowers; forbearance to heal a wound. Revel in the ride of life and take good things out of the mess that is you.

Yes, maybe you’re a mess; a mess who still feels & laughs. A mess who is alive. And, I think that’s more than enough to be grateful. Grateful to yourself especially, for being stronghearted despite the misjudgments and the consequences they brought. For tirelessly attempting to sew things back together; enduring every prick on the heart and swollen fingers. And, for hanging on even with the slightest of grip. Thank yourself for allowing countless chances.

Don’t give in. Not as long as you breathe.


A person who was once a mess



One response to “Dear person who feels like a mess—

  1. Hi Franz! I always love how you scribe your thoughts to be pondered. Let’s just remember that the cracks in our lives are where an ample light comes in. We could share it to those groping in the dark. I, too, am a mess right now but I’m starting to choose my own f*cks in life (I hope so). My wounds may ache from time to time but if by sharing them to others and how I was able to surpass them would heal themselves, I would be glad to keep on bleeding and healing. I’ve learned “not to try” so much at life now or even “don’t try” at all. I am just embracing my weaknesses for I know God has the best plans as what He has promised in Jeremiah 29:11. You are a beautiful soul, Franz. God will bless you always! Keep on blessing others too. If life couldn’t be always sweet, let’s be salty. 🌊 😚


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