5 People You Should NEVER Travel With

Travels are best shared with people of the same level of wanderlust. As much as you can, you want your friends to join one of your fun trips. However, not all of your “city friends” are great to take with you on an adventure. Some are not worthy of a bullet on your travel-buddy-list.

1. The Delayer

Rule 1: Never travel with someone who delays your plans. A minute spent waiting could have been spent kayaking on a lazy river or just chillin’ by the hill. The longer you wait, the less time you have to enjoy.

2. The (self-proclaimed) VIP

DON’T EVER take one of these with you. They come along thinking they are the center of the whole trip, making everyone feel like they are obliged to treat her like a queen. It’s not bad to be kind and considerate but VIPs demand more than that. Rule 2: VIPs not allowed.  

3. The Not-So-Into-It 

“I should not have come but you forced me to.”

For the record, stop your practice of forcing someone to come with you for the sake of having a big travel group. If someone’s not willing to join you, then stop begging! Rule 3: Ask only once or twice. These pips will make you hope in vain that they just might come if you keep telling them how much you want them on the trip  (ie. “I can come but I might just be too lazy that day.. but it sounds fun). This is their way to gain the right to act like a brat because you “begged” for their presence. (When they really wanted to come in the first place… I know right!)

4. The Bipolar

“Sure, game!”

“Sorry I have to cancel! I just realized I have another plan.

“Uy, I’ll be free that day already. See you!”

Sounds familiar? Rule 4: Leave the undecided. Leave them at home! Indecisive friends can bring more dilemmas along the trip.

5. The Show-Off

This guy will impress you at first with his excitement. Eventually, he will start offering and promising you useful and cool stuff.

“Can’t wait!! I’ll bring beer and nachos and a loud stereo and barbecue… What else do we need?” 

Be cautious! He might just end up bringing nothing except for his clothes. Rule 5: The more he offers, the less you expect. And always make sure to bring the basics for you will only prove a person as a show-off on the day of the trip.

There you go! It’s still up to you if you choose to tolerate these kinds of folks instead of avoding them. Just one more  friendly reminder… More is not always merrier.

Pick your travel pals wisely! 😁


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