Goodbye, travel buddy


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This is for you,

You who held my hand in that lonely forest. Who caressed my skin amidst those pines. Who touched my lips when I won’t smile. And you with a beautiful face who’ve always taken beautiful art. This is for you who I swam with across those reefs and jumped with from those towering cliffs. You who’ve always hugged me by surprise, this is for you.

This is for you,

Because you let me walk the shores with fingers between my fingers. Because you let me brave the cold with an arm around my shoulders. Because you let me watch the sunset with lips pressed on my lips. And enjoy a butterfly-filled park with butterflies in my stomach. This is for you because you let me experience things in the most special way. This is for you, because finally I knew how to see the world with love in my heart.

But now let me go,

Let me walk the shores alone, so I can touch the sand with my fingers. Let me brave the cold alone, so I can put a coat on my shoulders. Let me watch the sunset alone, so I can sing and pray with my lips. Let me run and chase the butterflies on my own. I loved you. I will treasure you. But now just let me go.. Let me roam the Earth on my own, I need to see it with freedom in my soul.

So goodbye my travel buddy, it was a wonderful journey with you.




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