A Golden Paradise: Jomalig Island, Quezon Province

A quick beach getaway — it was how we liked to treat ourselves after our dreadful exam week. A much needed jaunt to recover from our sleepless, busy days. Thus, a tranquil island was our way to go.

Day 1

1:30AM, Monday. Since there were seventeen of us, we decided to take a van rather than a bus bound to Real, Quezon. (Terminal is located in Legarda)

3:00AM. A short stopover at a “lugawan” to fill in our stomachs.

5:30AM. Arrival at Real, Quezon—the drop-off point where boat trips to Jomalig Island are docked. We immediately hopped in to begin our 5-hour boat trip.

10AM. Our boat stopped by Barangay Patnanungan where we went off for about half an hour to buy food and other goods before heading to the island.
11AM, Jomalig Island. It was drizzling and it looked like a heavy rain was about to pour. But the undeniably stunning island of Jomalig welcomed us with overwhelming peace and serenity.
12NN. We set our tents, marked our campsite, and straightaway dived in for a swim. It was hard to resist the tempting water of the island. It was cold, clean, and freaking CRYSTAL CLEAR.
Moreover, the fine-grained sand was delicate to the feet. The golden grains are a perfect cushion for a good sunbath.
3PM. And of course, we didn’t let the day end without stunting on this remarkable island.

7PM. A freshly caught 8-pound fish was enough to accommodate seventeen hungry bellies.

9PM. Campfire up, mallows out! What could have been a more perfect way to end the day?
Day 2

6AM. Woke up to the sound of small waves crawling on the empty shore of the beach and gentle rays of sunlight grazing the almost-steady water. A sweet morning, indeed!
7AM. Early morning and we were all at the shore catching some A.M. sunlight to get a perfect tan.
8AM. Made the most out of the magnificent salt water of Jomalig. We all loved its deep placid water!
9AM. A good walk here and there, sharing the precious place with the most precious person.
10AM. One last photo op with these amazing people who I have gladly shared this experience with. Cheers to more travels! #TeamAlat
10:30. I was having fun watching these kids play around our boat when suddenly, the sad part came.. the boat had to leave.
Tall pines, soft sand, and crystal water, Jomalig Island is a golden paradise for those who seek peace and seclusion. And despite having to bear about 10 hours of voyage, it is still on top of my list. Only those who travel far find exceptional beauty.
Quick guide on how to get there:

1. Catch a bus at Raymond Transport’s bus terminal located in Legarda.

2. Tell the driver to drop you off a smaller port just right before you reach Ungos port. This smaller port caters trips to Jomalig. Travel time is about 4 hours. Landmark: Petron

3. Board a boat bound to Jomalig. They usually leave early in the morning so be sure to leave manila at midnight. Travel time is about 5 hours.

4. In getting home, just reverse the entire procedure.

Budget Summary

Van (Legarda-Real) P220
Environmental fee P 10
Boat (Real-Jomalig) P350
Food expense (Shared) P150
Boat (Jomalig-Real) P350
Van (Real-Legarda) P220
Pasalubong etc. P200

TOTAL: P1500

more photos on ig: wheresfranky


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