8-day Euphoria: Cebu, Philippines

What could have been better than to start the year with our much awaited week-long Cebu trip? Unlike my previous spontaneous travels, this one’s planned ahead. We counted hundreds of days for this trip to come and spent nights talking about the things we all wanted to do once we land there. And then.. it finally happened.

Day 1, January 2, 2016


And since it was an 8-day trip, we decided to dedicate our first 2 days into looking around the city of Cebu. 20 minutes away from our pension house was the newly opened SM Seaside City where we went to see a movie. Right across it was the wide view of the sea which somehow resembles Manila bay (a lot cleaner of course lol).



That night, we raised our glasses to celebrate our first night in Cebu and to 7 more epic days that were about to happen.


Day 2. January 3, 2016          

Our 2nd day was just another day to waste. Stayed inside our pension house the whole day and went out to dine at night.


Day 3, January 4, 2016

We left that morning to pick Monique up from the airport. Then, went all the way the southern part of Cebu.


Moalboal White Beach. We arrived at the beach at noon and doused right away into its clean, clear, and cold water. Moalboal’s sand was fine enough to run around barefoot. The place was restful and the sound of the waves as they crashed into rocks and seashells at the shore was music to the ears. We pitched a tent near the shore and spent the rest of the day swimming, bumming around, and sharing stories while eating balot. Sarap!


Day 4. January 5, 2016

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Arriving at Oslob, around six in the morning. The best way to begin a jam-packed day was to greet these biggies a good morning. The Oslob Whaleshark Watching is the closest you can get to swim side-by-side with the gentle giants. It only took less than 5 minutes on a paddle boat until we reached the part where boatmen feed the whales. I was left in awe. These creatures are majestic.



Meet the largest and the friendliest Cebuanos; Oslob’s Butandings. 



Still in excitement from a magical whaleshark encounter, we drove another hour and a half to Badian where the ever famous Kanlaob Canyoneering in Cebu is located. I was in awestruck when I saw Kanlaob river right in my own eyes. I thought I was staring at a picture.



Trek, swim, and jump. Kanlaob River’s beauty requires enough amount of energy to skip from one boulder to another and to swim across meters of mint green water.




IMG_2528.JPGFullSizeRender 5.jpg

At the end of the trail, a reward is waiting. Kawasan Falls was stunning. It was the trees, the loud relaxing sound of the water pouring from above, and the clean freshwater which keeps tourists from coming. Kawasan also has a number of high lying cliffs that are perfect for cliff diving.



I was almost eaten up by fear when I looked below the open water 50-ft from where I was standing. Diving off that cliff was absolutely the highlight of my day!

After an exhausting but fun traverse at Kanlaob and Kawasan, we went to Moalboal to watch some sea turtles and big groups of sardines swim around their natural habitats. Unfortunately, we were all stung by hundreds of jellyfish when we plunged into the ocean. We immediately went back to the shore to get some “vinegar” treatment. Ouch! 


Day 5. January 6, 2016.


From southern cebu, we went up north to spend a couple more days at the beach. Bantayan Island was our last destination before heading back to the city. Bantayan Island is a great place to unwind. The sea is calm and the waves are quiet.  The sand was soft and fine. The place was peaceful and scenic. I can live for months in a place like Bantayan.


Day 6. January 7, 2016.



It was our last day at the beach.  We all woke up early and spent the whole morning swimming, taking pictures, and just being total beach bums. It was all fun and laughters and good times and good feeling. Not even one of us noticed that our Cebu trip was down to only two days left. Sigh


Day 7 and 8. January 8-9, 2016.

7th day was for “Pasalubong” shopping . Our last night in the island province of Cebu as well.

8th day –We were on our way to the airport when we decided to pull off a stopover to buy some cute chorizos haha. It was our flight back to Manila and it was harder than I thought. *Cries* 😦




Cebu is a perfect destination for those long vacations. It was everything in one big island. It’s not only for those who love beaches, rivers, and falls, but also for those who enjoy the city. Good places, good food, good people.. I wish I had more days to spend. Nevertheless, those eight euphoric days are unforgettable.















6 responses to “8-day Euphoria: Cebu, Philippines

  1. Hey Frankie! Thank you for your awesome blog. Never been to Cebu but will definitely want to go there someday. Btw, you made me cry a little on your letter to someone who made you travel. :p
    I blog too but never a travel blog. Hehe. Keep up the good work. God bless.


  2. This helps me a lot I am a solo traveler and will be traveling cebu-bohol on July. I am so excited and you inspires me a lot to travel. Sigh. Though, canyoneering was temporarily closed due to safety measures.


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