4 Things a Traveller Will Tell You When Life is Hard


1. Shit really happens

          The truth is you can never really get away with how shitty life is. Life, like travel will never be all fun and perfect. Life will make you feel small and worthless. It will play with you and give you crazy plot twists when you’re least ready about it. Just take it. Get pissed by it, curse it, scream and be angry about it. But after all those dramatic reactions, be sure to shake it all off and just accept it. Life is not great all the time and shit really happens.

2. Take a deep breath 

          Good, you grasped life’s shitloads well. Now, breathe. Give yourself a moment to adjust to how wrong your life is. Go to a beach or a park or a mountain peak or anywhere you could just sit down, and stare far and far away like you’re looking at your bright future ahead and just forget how bad your present is. Now, breathe. Know that life may not be too easy for you right at this moment but also know that you can do something about it. Again, breathe.

3. Keep walking 

          There, you already had enough time to loosen up and breathe. You can now go on and continue your walk. Sure, life is difficult. However, you’re done gaping at how lame it is. It’s time to do something. Just walk. You might be standing just a step behind from where the comfort of a good life is which is all you’ve ever wanted. It doesn’t matter how slow, walk. The little steps you’re taking are changing something. Keep walking like you’re heading to the summit, because you won’t appreciate all of the hardships you’ve been through if you’d stop in the middle of the mountain.

4. Love life again

          Awesome job walking your way out of the difficult times. And you hated life for a while, didn’t you? It’s normal. We all hated life at some points in our lives like we want to raise a finger to show the world how done are we. But no matter how unpredictably unpleasant life can be, it never misses to teach you something. Life will teach you how to swim through wild waves and how to bear the scorching sun and how to smile to strangers and how to love and how to cry and how to do both at the same time. Life is there for a purpose. You are the purpose, you are the reason why you are alive. You have life because you are important, you’re not worthless, you are someone’s reason to smile. Love life over and over again because good things are ahead of you. Love life again because life loves you.


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11 responses to “4 Things a Traveller Will Tell You When Life is Hard

  1. Wow, this is exactly what I needed to hear (read). Been having a rough week because of so much pressure and stress >.<
    God bless your kind soul. 🙂


  2. It’s a beautiful writing that made my day.
    Thankyou and please keep writing. 🙂

    Greetings from Indonesia.


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