You Only Need 5 Reasons To Date A Traveller

So you’ve recently met a traveller and questions like, “Is he worth my time?” or “Will this work?”, started to cross your mind. I say, give it a try! Here are some reasons why..

1. He’s Independent

Of course, you expect someone who flies to places to be independent. He is someone who handles himself well. He is free and he, most of the time, chooses to stand on his own. He is strong and would surely be strong for the both of you. He is someone you won’t have a hard time dealing with when the time comes that you decide to achieve something by yourself. He will love you but he will not depend his whole life on you. And that’s a good thing.

2. He Appreciates Little Things

He is simple. He hops on a boat and all he wants is a clear blue sky, tall trees, and a calm sea. He is grateful and he appreciates all the good stuff life offers no matter how little these things can be.

3. He’s Exciting

He’s up for thrilling, exhilarating, exciting experiences. His hobbies include cliff jumping, diving, surfing, trekking, camping, hiking, and skydiving. He does things you’ve probably never imagined doing and he will most likely let you try it. With him, you would finally get away with cliche dates because he would rather kiss you on a mountain top than inside a dark movie theatre. Together, you would have unforgettable memories.

4. He Commits

Sure, travelling is fun and exciting. However, it is also a big commitment. Saving up for travels is not very easy (unless you are dang rich haha). Being committed is something travellers have developed within their souls over time. And if he can commit on his adventures, he will certainly commit himself to you.

5. He’s Crazy

Chances are, yes, he is freaking crazy. He does weird and funny things. He laughs carelessly. He never runs out of crazy, wild ideas and there’d be no dull moments with him. He could be at home one second and flying to Iceland a few seconds after. He’s spontaneous and you will never be able to read what’s running on his mind. He will never bore you and will absolutely add color to your life.

Take a chance. He could be worth the risk πŸ™‚




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10 responses to “You Only Need 5 Reasons To Date A Traveller

  1. i have a crush on an officemate who during weekends goes off somewhere for adventure.

    and the reasons you indicated in this post, he’s got them all.

    and i’m this close enough of heeding your advice – take a chance, risk.


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