Still A Paradise: Boracay Island, Philippines

You wouldn’t want to go home“, our coach uttered when I told him how I badly wanted to visit Boracay. Early April, a promo flight to Kalibo popped up my facebook feed so I immediately booked one for myself. I told my friend Monique about my plans. And surprisingly, she along with four more others bought tickets for the same flight. Impulsive, right? From a supposedly “solo trip” to a pack of six! Exciting!


June 1, 4PM. Our plane took off a bit later than expected. We landed in Kalibo by 5, quickly rented a van to drive us to the port going to the island. In less than two hours, we were able to transfer into a boat bound to Boracay. The boat ride lasted for just 20 minutes.

June 1, 7:30PM. It was already dark when we arrived. Thankfully, we were able to find an affordable place to stay right away. The room hunt became easier since we all didn’t mind NOT staying in a hotel or a beach front accomodation. We are used to camping with no electricity and water, so, even a simple airconditioned room already felt like heaven to us. Also, we successfully haggled the price down to 1500/night for an airconditioned room for six! Haha! That’s a ridiculously cheap 250/head a night for a decent room. After settling our bags inside our room, we headed out to our first dinner by the beach. We then walked around the beach before we ended our first night on the beautiful island.  


Stunning beach! REALLY soft sand and clear calm water!

June 2, 7:30AM. We woke up to a sunny Tuesday and altogether, we went out for a morning walk by the shore. That day, we decided to fill our morning with pumping adventures.

We availed of a 4-hour island hopping service for P2300 which included cliff diving at Magic Island (additional 150/head), snorkeling and fish feeding at Crocodile Island, and a lunch stop-over at Puka Beach.


Magic Island. Less than 20 minutes of boat ride from White Beach is a small island mostly visited for its man-made wooden cliffs of different heights. From its low 5-meter to its knee-shaking 15-meter cliff, this island is absolutely the best way to start and escalate our island hopping experience.

We saw a buko vendor right in the middle of the sea. How cool!!

I did panic a little when thousands of fish went crazy in front of me! AMAZING!!

Crocodile Island. Crossed out one from my life’s must-do’s; feed hundreds of fish while snorkeling. I never got close to a huge group of fish before and I could say, it was hella fun! It was tiring though cos’ we were swimming against the waves. Nonetheless, the energy lost was worth it! I need to do more of this fishy experience!


Puka Beach. Our last stop before ending our island hopping itinerary was at Puka Beach. This place have kept its serenity. It was quiet and the tranquility makes it a perfect stop to have a delicious meal with your friends while sighting and hearing the soft waves of the sea. We stayed here for a while to do some stunts and tumblings. Yup, cheerleading’s everywhere we go! So… Give me a “P” for the beautiful Puka Beach! Haha!


June 2, 3PM. Back at White Beach, we spent the rest of our afternoon swimming and stunting above Boracay’s clear water.

©Boracay Pubcrawl

June 2, 8:30PM. What’s Boracay without its active “night life”. My friends Al and Josh invited us to sign up for a different kind of party; the Boracay PubCrawl. A unique and fun way to turn strangers into friends. We even met a cheerleading coach from the states. Indeed, this night proved me why Boracay attracts all kinds and ages.


June 3, 9AM. Exhausted from last night, we were up a bit late. We quickly finished our breakfast and went straight to the beach to relax. We rolled over the powdery sand, swam back and forth, and sunbathed whole morning.  

For a rate of 150/hour, we paddled around up to the depths of the ocean. I honestly thought it was easy until I stood up and balanced my feet on that board as it floats above the unstable water. It takes patience to learn how but every successful paddling moment felt rewarding.


June 3, 5PM
. The sun was about to set but my pack’s too alive and still full of energy. We got on a Banana boat experience to put an exclamation on our day. Flashing through the sea across the beautiful scenery was truly exhilarating!


June 4, 6AM. I was up very early to make the most out of our remaining hours. I just couldn’t believe how fast our 4-day trip went by. I walked around looking at another beautiful island I used to dream about and in a few moments I’ll be leaving. Sigh

June 4, 12NN. I packed my stuff along with many amazing memories and left to catch our 4pm flight. The feeling was saddening, too saddening.

Modernized, urbanized, and commercialized. Boracay may not be that island for soul-searching travelers and may not be the most serene destination. However, it’s still one of Philippines’ best with its EXTREMELY fine, flour-like sand and crystal blue water. A perfect place to bond with your family and friends with its long list of “must-try” activities. Add to that the night parties that keep the beach awake even on darkness. Indeed, It is still a must-visit! Every cent I spent was worth it!


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