A weekend wonderland: Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

For a person like me who attends class during day time from monday till friday and practices at night almost 7 days a week, the only hindrance to going somewhere is time constraint. I even sometimes set a date for a short adventure but will suddenly need to cancel it a night before because we have training. Lucky enough however, a beautiful body of water lies not so far away from the metro which would only take three to four hours of travel.

On a sunday morning, March 15, I along with my friends decided to pack for an overnight camping. We decided to go somewhere easily accessible from manila. All the way to Calatagan, Batangas we took off for a 3-hr bus ride to experience Burot Beach. A small beach known for its semi-fine off-white to almost golden sand and clear calm water. Perfect for weekenders like us who wish to spend some time away from the city’s stressful environment.

How did we get to Burot Beach?

Since we are all coming from our dormitories and condos near UST, our meeting place was set in Mc Donald’s P. Campa at 3:30 am. Had our short breakfast and immediately headed to Coastal Mall Bus Terminal via taxi at 4am. We arrived at the terminal a few minutes before 5am since I read that the first trip to Calatagan of Celyrosa buses is at 5am. 15 minutes passed 5am, there were no signs of any Calatagan bound bus, only Nasugbu buses which can be an alternative route. We asked someone from the terminal who looks like who works as a conductor about Calatagan bound buses but he confidently answered us that the first trip of Celyrosa will be around 8am. He told us to take Nasugbu bus instead, we agreed. The bus to Nasugbu has moved a little, slowly getting off the terminal. As we are sitting comfortably inside an aircon-bus that is almost taking off to Nasugbu, one friend of mine sighted a sign board with Calatagan in it. We immediately ran out of the Bus feeling pissed because of that conductor who obviously was trying to play wise in order to make money out of the eight of us. Beware of these kind of conductors as they sometimes resort to fooling passengers for them to be able to fill their buses so they can leave already. Moving on, the bus to calatagan was an ordinary bus. Opened windows, no air conditioning .. Just how I like it. The bus left at around 6:00am with it half full. I absolutely loved this bus ride! It passed by Cavite and Tagaytay where the wind was very cold which becomes even colder because of the opened windows and doors of the bus. It was windy and cold and the view did not bore us at all. Alighting at Calatagan  public market at around 9:30 am we bought some fresh fishes and meat to bring with us on the beach. We also had our early lunch on a carinderia nearby. The food was good and cheap!

At 10:30 am, with happy tummies, we took a tricyle to Burot beach. The road going to the beach is still undeveloped. It was sandy and rocky. Too rocky that the tricycle was getting hit by big stones underneath which made me feel very uncomfortable. All we saw on our way were tall grasses and crops, but as the trike gets closer and closer to the beach the view started to look beautiful.. There were mangroves and boats and lake like bodies of water. It took us about 20 minutes to the beach.

The beach has an entrace fee of 130/head for an overnight stay and 30 php/tent as a pitching fee. And as we entered the beach proper, the first thing we did once we stepped our feet on the sand of Burot was take a groupie. Haha!

Our Burot experience?

Burot is definitely a gem for us weekenders who doesnt have a lot of time to wander. It has clear water, though not crystal clear but clear enough that you will be very confident to dip your body on its blue cold water. The sand is not the finest but it is fine enough that you will love to walk around without footwear or sit and get buried under for fun. What I did not like are the small stones and corals near the shore and under the water. I stepped on a stone a few times and it hurts like hell. I was also not a fan of the sea grass approximately 30 feet from the shore. I was just too scared to step on that part because i have a feeling there are creatures hiding beneath them. Lol haha

We immediately set up our tent under a small tree and started creating fire with charcoals to cook our stuffed fishes. Apparently we are all new in camping and we are not exactly sure how things are done, which however made our experience even more fun haha. 

After a couple of hours preparing our lunch, we decided to get some rest for a while because the sun was just too hot. Burot is a place where you would find peace and serenity. I loved how calm the environment is, perfect for lying under the shade of a tree and taking a short nap or reading a book. 

When the sun is about to set, we transfered our tent to the left most part of the beach. The part of this beach is even calmer and there is a feel of being more private and secluded. On this part, the sand is finer, the water is warmer, and there are boulders of rocks near the shore which you can climb and sit on. 

We enjoyed this part of the beach very much.. 

A few minutes later the sun started to set and it was breathtaking. We had to grab the opportunity of taking great photos.

Before we totally ran out of sunlight, we quickly started making fire for cooking and also a bonfire for light at night. It took us quite long to set up a bonfire since we are all camp newbies. Good thing we still pulled off to create a beautiful fire. We heated marshmallows and hotdogs on the fire for a simple yet unforgettable dinner.  

The ambiance was perfect for sharing stories. The sky was filled with stars and the calm sea sounded like a lullaby to me. It was the best night ever. Good friends, good place, and good memories. I am new to travelling and Burot will definitely make me want to travel more.

2:30 am, we started packing our things and collapsing our tent to catch the 3am Manila bound bus. We wanted to stay much longer but we had to attend our monday classes.

Good bye Calatagan!

  • Taxi from España to Coastal Mall – 55php per head
  • Celyrosa bus to Calatagan – 140php x 2 for roundtrip
  • Food expenses, charcoals, ice, water, wood etc (shared by eight people) – 300php per head
  • Early lunch at the Market – 55php
  • Tricycle to Burot – 50 php per head x 2 for roundtrip
  • Entrace fee – 130php per head
  • Tent pitching fee – 30php
  • Van from coastal mall to Divisoria – 40php
  • Jeep from Divisoria to Morayta – 8php

3 responses to “A weekend wonderland: Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

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